What We Do

Zenda was created to invest in and manage real estate in its own name and to co-invest with partners and limited partners. Toward that end, Zenda’s primary operations include:

Building RelationshipsOur relationships are the key to our success.
Every aspect of our business is geared towards developing long-term relationships based on mutual respect, trust and satisfaction.

Sourcing OpportunitiesThe principles of a sound real estate investment can be applied to any market.
Our investment strategy and experience allow us to be extremely mobile and give us the ability to quickly move into new markets that are at different stages of the real estate cycle so that we can consistently access new and exciting opportunities.

AcquisitionThe true value of any real estate opportunity is most often created at the acquisition stage.
We conduct an extremely thorough multi-phased due diligence analysis for all our acquisitions. Each phase includes a comprehensive investigation into all matters which could impact the performance of the property during the holding period.

Asset ManagementYou must be able to see the forest through the trees.
Managing the macro environment issues facing each property on a daily basis allows us to maintain course throughout the overall investment process resulting, more often than not, in better than expected results.

Property ManagementBut the trees are highly important as well.
Keeping a strong hands-on style of property management is an extremely important aspect of our investment strategy. Over the past 30 years, we have created a two-level property management formula. We partner with strong best-in-class local property management firms (level one) in each market we enter. The local manager reports daily to and works closely with our in-house property management team (level two) whose job it is to ensure that the property stays on track to meet or exceed our goals.