Management Approach

Zenda’s Property Management team provides a full service property management solution; through our years of experience, we have mastered the skills needed to effectively and prudently manage assets. We have a deep understanding of property owners, because we are property owners.

Effective property management is a delicate process that perfectly balances art and science. The right property management team can help achieve much greater profitability than expected and can help to see new and innovative ways of increasing earnings and asset value.

Regardless of the location of the asset, we locate the best industry professionals in the market and build a strong, local advisory and management team from these best-in-class professionals. This allows us to easily work remotely in each market from our head office in Montreal as these teams of professionals work with us on a daily basis, as Zenda’s local representatives. These individuals often participate as limited partners to ensure their dedication to the success of our acquisitions.

By understanding landlord and tenant priorities and working to capitalize on the relationship, we succeed in bringing the highest returns to our limited partners.