Our Philosophy

At Zenda, our philosophy is guided by three primary principles:

Preservation of Capital: The preservation of the capital that is invested is at the core of our investment philosophy. This principle is always at the forefront of our mind when we conduct due diligence, perform the management, or leasing of our properties.

Discipline: Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make. We have very strict criteria that the properties we acquire must meet and if we are unable to identify properties that meet these criteria, we have the patience necessary to stay on the sidelines and wait for a better opportunity. We will not stretch to make a deal happen. We will not make unreasonable assumptions.

Integrity and Respect: We have a strong sense of professional ethics in all aspects of the business we conduct. Further, every relationship must be treated with the utmost respect. Another of our core guiding, fundamental principles is that every move we make must be of the highest professional integrity. It is fundamental that the relationships we create must be based on respect. Whether it is dealing with limited partners, brokers, lenders or tenants, integrity and respect must exist.